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Blue Island

Personal Injury Attorneys Proudly Serving the South Chicago Suburban Community of Blue Island

Located nearly 16 miles south of the Chicago Loop, the city of Blue Island shares its northern boundary line with Morgan Park.
Blue Island was established as a way station in the 1830s. It served settlers on their way from Chicago to Vincennes Trace.

Since the beginning. Especially early on, the city was seen as an important commercial center for south Chicagoland. The city got its name from it's geographic location. It's situated on the south end of a glacial moraine that was an island when Lake Chicago covered the area thousands of years ago at then end of the last ice age.

Early settlers thought the ridge looked like an island set in a prairie sea. Blue Island is one of ten communities in Illinois with the designation, "Preserve America" community. This designation is given by the White House.

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