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Bridgeview, Illinois

Broadview Illinois Water TowerThe Village of Bridgeview is located just 13 miles southwest of the Chicago Loop. Broadview saw its first settlement in the 1830s when it was still populated by Native Americans. Decades later, German and Italian farmers began to populate the land.

By the 1920s Dutch settlers began to arrive and farming began to decline. Industry and real estate development began to grow as did the area's population once water from Lake Michigan became accessible. 

In 1947, with a population of about 500 residents, Bridgeview was incorporated. The name was derived by vote (by one vote over the name "Oketo," which  survives as a street in the village today) and points to the significant views from the Harlem Avenue, 79th Street and 87th Street Bridges.

Known for its well balanced zoning, the community is divided equally into residential, commercial and industrial space. It's location near Midway Airport and downtown Chicago, not to mention its access to public highways in the area make it a central point in the south west Chicago area.

Broadview-Illinois-Toyota-ParkBridgeview has made something of a name for itself in the sports arena. It is the home of professional major league soccer team Chicago team. Its stadium was funded by and is operated by The Village of Broadview. Named Toyota Park, it serves as home to not only the Fire, but also the Fire Reserves, Bridgeview Fire Premier and the Chicago Red Starsbof Women's Professional Soccer.

Near the stadium, the village has developed a plan for mixed commercial and residential zone. The effort is meant to create a commercial and residential hub for the city.

The village of Bridgeview also boasts an indoor football team named the Bridgeview Red Devils, which joined the United States Indoor Football League in 2009.

The Baltimore Orioles' Brent Bower hails from Bridgevhai as does snake wrangler and host of National Geographic television show "Snake Wranglers."

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