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3 Mistakes That Often Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

When a person is injured in an accident, it often results in a major disruption of their life. Often times there is a long recovery period, which may lead to an interruption in employment in addition to a reduced quality of life with potential impact on personal relationships.

Personal injury damages are a way courts help to make the injured party whole of those losses incurred in the accident. Unfortunately, many people who are entitled to damages don’t recover them or only recover a portion of what they are actually eligible to receive  in these cases. Avoid these 5 mistakes people often make when pursuing damages in personal injury cases and ensure you recover all that you are entitled to:

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What to Do When in a Bicycle Accident

If you are ever riding a bicycle and are hit by a car or a truck, it is vitally important that you take certain steps to seek immediate medical treatment, mitigate the damage from the accident and document all of the facts surrounding the circumstances of the accident.

The fact is that when a bicyclist is injured in an accident with a vehicle, the potential for serious damage and harm is enormous. A bicyclist has no real protection in such a collision, certainly not the protection another driver might have in a car.

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Notifying Responsible Parties in Accident Cases

Often when people are injured in an accident of any sort, they find themselves surprised, confused or otherwise bewildered. It’s often not so easy to remember the proper steps to take to protect your rights and preserve your ability to collect compensation for your injuries and other losses.

One thing that is very important to remember is to notify those who may be responsible for your injuries of your intent to file a personal injury claim. The notice is important because the responsible party may not always be aware that an injury that they may be responsible for even occurred.

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What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

If you’re ever injured in an accident, be it an automobile accident or a slip and fall case or even health related difficulties as a result of a defective product, recovering from your injuries can be an expensive pursuit. Medical bills can quickly pile up. Time taken off from work to recuperate can mean a loss of income. The costs can be unimaginable. Damages in personal injury claims are meant to compensate you for losses when another party is at fault for your injuries.

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Inpatient Falls and Ordinary Negligence

When a patient falls in a hospital setting, a medical malpractice claim is indeed a possible recourse. However, medical malpractice is not always applicable when a patient falls. Sometimes a personal injury claim based on ordinary negligence is the only course to follow.

Basically, the circumstance surrounding the incident are the determining factor. Like any other situation when someone slips or falls due to unsafe conditions, a patient who is injured in a hospital setting that is unsafe may be eligible for compensation resulting from a slip and fall personal injury claim.

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