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Category: Natural Accumulation

Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

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Skiing and snowboarding are popular hobbies across the world. Unfortunately, both activities come with their own inherent risks. As such, many people assume there is little or no cause of action when someone is injured in a ski or snowboarding accident. The fact is, under the legal theory of negligence, many common ski and snowboard accidents fall squarely under the heading of personal injury liability.

Injuries sustained in skiing and snowboarding accidents can run the gamut, ranging from minor bumps and bruises to fractured bones, brain injuries, or even critical harm and death. (A recent CDC study found an increase in traumatic brain and spinal cord injury resulting from skiing and snowboarding accidents nationwide, and children and adolescents were found to be those most affected.)

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Slip and Fall: Snow and Ice (Natural Accumulation vs. Unnatural Accumulation)

Anyone who has ever suffered an injury after a slip and fall on snow or ice in Chicago and sought legal assistance knows that a personal injury claim against a property owner that had not cleared their walkway during a snowy Chicago winter is not as cut and dry and one might think. In fact, in most cases, “slip and falls” on snow or ice in Illinois will not result in damages for the injured party.

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