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When Animals Attack

There are a wide variety of circumstances under which a person may find themselves the victim of an animal attack. In Illinois, victims' rights in dog bite cases are outlined in the Illinois Animal Control Act. The Illinois Animal Control Act, 510 ILCS 5/1 et seq., was passed in 1949 to, among other things, eliminate the common law “one-bite rule,” under which a plaintiff could generally not recover for injuries caused by an animal attack absent evidence that the animal had a dangerous disposition of which its owner was aware.

The Illinois Animal Control Act outlines conditions under which a victim of an animal injury may recover damages. Proving these conditions existed during the attack is key to establishing liability in these cases.

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Workers’ Compensation Issues

Many people believe that all workplace injuries fall under the strict purview of workman’s compensation law. The fact is there are many situations that allow an employee to recover damages

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