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Establishing the paternity of a child in the State of Illinois can be an incredibly difficult process. Illinois statutes presumes paternity in the following circumstances:

  • The man and the child’s birth mother are or were married and the child was conceived or born during that time;
  • If he and the birth mother got married after the birth and the man’s name is consensually listed on the birth certificate;
  • The man and the natural mother both signed a paternity acknowledgement;
  • The man and the natural mother signed an acknowledgement of parentage, or, if the man is not the biological father, an acknowledgement of parentage and a denial of paternity.

Resolving questions of paternity in many cases requires dedication, experience and the resolve only a practiced family law attorney can provide. Panio Law Office family law attorneys offer a wealth of experience in the establishment of paternity, negotiation of child support and custody as well as “parenting time” (or visitation).

If you have questions about establishing paternity or seek legal representation in a conflict requiring the establishment of paternity, please call the family law practice of Panio Law at 773.881.9000. We work hard to secure resolutions in these cases that are in the best interest of the child.

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