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Defective Products Personal Injury – Understanding Responsibility

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Defective products personal injury claims can prove quite confusing for the average consumer today. Understanding the manufacturer's responsibility in providing consumer products to the buying public is often key in helping to determine if you have a valid defective products claim.

Also, understanding that the manufacturer may not be the only responsible party when a product causes undo harm or injury is very important. Knowing who is involved in the chain of custody from manufacturer to retailer and what each role's responsibility to the consumer is may be the first step to identifying responsible parties in a defective products claim.

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Product Liability: Who to Sue?

When a person is injured as a result of a product that is defective or whose design poses a danger, identifying all parties that may be liable for your injury is not always the easiest thing. Yet it is extremely important that each party responsible for that product’s availability in the market place be identified because doing so increases your chances for full recovery of damages in a personal injury claim.

Essentially, all parties within the chain of distribution may be considered responsible for any injuries that product poses. So any person or entity that participates in getting the product from manufacture to distribution to consumers may be fair game when considering a defective products case.

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