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Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are very common in auto accidents. Soft tissue injuries are those suffered by areas of the body other than the bone. This includes bruising or lacerations or tears to muscle tissue or organs.

Sudden trauma like that experienced in an automobile collision is known to cause these kinds of injuries and they often show few symptoms at the time of an accident. When symptoms do show, they include swelling, pain and lack of mobility. But they can occur days (even weeks) after the injury.

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Car Accidents: Delayed Symptoms

When a car accident occurs, those involved often find themselves in a heightened state with endorphins and adrenaline kicking in at sometimes inordinate levels. Because of this, individuals may find themselves feeling more energy when they otherwise wouldn't and no pain when they otherwise would.

As a result, many times a victim of a car accident feels few or no symptoms directly thereafter. And symptoms don't become readily noticeable until their hormone levels return to normal.

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