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Child Injuries at School or Day Care Facilities

When a parent or guardian commits their child to the care a private professional facility like a private school or day care center, there is a legal obligation that that facility takes on to make all reasonable efforts to ensure the child’s safety. However, if a child is injured in the care of a private school or day care facility, it does not mean that a personal injury judgment is automatically warranted. The legal threshold for “reasonable efforts” to ensure a child’s safety is quite fluid and differs from situation to situation and from child to child.

For instance, older children may in fact be trusted with scissors in the creation of a crafts project, while younger children may need more supervision. Likewise, the environment and situation one is challenged with may require even more effort to ensure the child’s safety. Supervising children in a classroom setting may require fewer measures of precaution than doing so on a field trip to an amusement park, where external factors are many and perhaps even unpredictable.

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Nursing Home Abuse: Who is Responsible?

When a loved one suffers abuse at the hands of a caregiver, it’s sometimes difficult determining exactly who bears legal responsibility. Recovering damages in elder abuse cases will require identifying who is liable for injuries suffered.

If that abuse occurs in a nursing home environment, the facility may be liable if the abuse can be tied to: negligent hiring, understaffed facility, deficient training, medication errors and any breaches of regulatory responsibilities.

Because of the broad scope of responsibilities (provision of food, shelter, sanitation and medical care), a nursing home facility owes a strict “duty of care” to its residents. In nearly every aspect of the resident’s care, the nursing home or its staff plays a vital role.

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Child Injuries

Every parent dreads the thought of their child suffering any kind of injury and placing one's child in the care of professionals or an institution that might harm or neglect them is always a concern. The fact is, more than 14 million injuries to children take place in the United States each year. More than a fourth of those take place while in the care of schools or childcare institutions.

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