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Motorcycle Accidents and Personal Injury

According to a federal study, there were 35 times more deaths from motorcycle accidents than from car accidents in 2006. The reason for such disparity is due to several factors involving the nature of motorcycle riding: (1) motorcycles are much smaller and lighter than cars; (2) they are on only two wheels and; (3) they do not protect the rider with a metal enclosure, all factors which pose inherent risks when on the road with trucks and cars that travel at top speeds.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Of the 10 million registered Illinois motorists out there on the roads, over 3.5% are motorcyclists. Drivers on the roads are responsible to other drivers and pedestrians to observe specific rules of the road meant to ensure driver safety. Because motorcyclists represent such a small number of the motorists on the roads and because they are more difficult to see compared to the average vehicle, drivers can often miss seeing a motorcyclist approaching their vehicles from behind, changing lanes or even turning in from of them.

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