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Pedestrian Involved Automobile Accidents

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Statistics show that more than 60,000 pedestrians are involved in vehicle accidents each year. And when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian at 30 miles or more per hour, serious injury is more likely to occur. Even pedestrians struck at 10 miles per hour can suffer significant injuries. As such, it’s very important to understand how to proceed when you have been a pedestrian hit by a moving vehicle.

The very first thing any pedestrian should do when involved in an automobile accident is seek immediate medical care (i.e. call an ambulance). Soft tissue injuries, trauma to the brain, and other serious consequences don't always reveal themselves immediately and time is of the essence when treating your injuries and preventing these types of conditions from worsening. Many individuals have felt no real pain or discomfort immediately following an accident and refused treatment only to encounter debilitating pain and very serious injuries manifesting days or weeks following the incident.

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Pedestrian Accidents

It may not be common knowledge, but pedestrians on Illinois roadways are responsible for knowing the Illinois Vehicle Code as it pertains to pedestrian right-of-way or driver right-of-way as it pertains to pedestrian traffic. After all, pedestrian traffic is a part of roadway activity, and so the Illinois Vehicle Code has very specific rules that pertain to pedestrian traffic in crosswalk and non-crosswalk situations.

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