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Brain Injury Basics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1.4 million Americans fall victim to brain injury each year. These injuries can result from something as benign as a tumble on the sky slopes to a car accident. Many times the damage from brain injuries can be difficult to discover. Even “mild” brain injuries (often misdiagnosed or missed) are still brain injuries. It’s important to understand the symptoms and signs of brain injury and the different kinds of brain injury people suffer.

Brain injury refers to physical trauma to the head and/or brain. A severe shake, or strike to the head, penetration, bump or even damage caused by chemical intake or restricted blood flow can all result in traumatic brain injury. From mild to severe, and with symptoms as subtle as can be, brain injuries aren’t restricted to those involved in major accidents. Some causes include slipping and falling, contact sports like football, non-contact sports like biking and assault.

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Defective Products – Manufacturing Defects

When defective products cause injury the injured party is often entitled to compensation from the responsible party. Whether that responsible party is the manufacturer, or the distributor, the seller or the marketing company that promoted its use, the fact is there is a responsibility on the part of anyone in the chain of distribution for commercial products to protect the consumer public where necessary.

If you have been injured by a defective product, it is very important that you personal injury claim be based on the appropriate legal theory. If not, while you may be entitled to compensation, you may have a great bit of difficulty in recovering it.

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What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

If you’re ever injured in an accident, be it an automobile accident or a slip and fall case or even health related difficulties as a result of a defective product, recovering from your injuries can be an expensive pursuit. Medical bills can quickly pile up. Time taken off from work to recuperate can mean a loss of income. The costs can be unimaginable. Damages in personal injury claims are meant to compensate you for losses when another party is at fault for your injuries.

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Dog Bites: When The Victim Shares Some of the Blame

In several states, including the state of Illinois, plaintiffs who bear some responsibility in their own injuries may have to contend with a rule called "Modified Comparative Negligence." Simply put, the rule means that if you share the blame for your injuries, you also share the burden, that damages are assessed only in direct proportion to level of responsibility. What's more is that "Modified" component means if the plaintiff bears 51% of the responsibility for the injuries, they get nothing. 

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Pharmaceutical Drugs and Defective Products Liability

Injuries sustained as a result of the use of a pharmaceutical drug may in fact be cause for a defective products claim. These claims are based on a failing of sorts in the drug’s manufacturers, distributor and sometimes, sales representative, prescribing doctor or hospital. There is an inherent responsibility on the part of these individuals responsible for delivering the drug to you, the patient, to ensure your safety and well being with regard to the use of that drug.

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