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Notifying Responsible Parties in Accident Cases

Often when people are injured in an accident of any sort, they find themselves surprised, confused or otherwise bewildered. It’s often not so easy to remember the proper steps to take to protect your rights and preserve your ability to collect compensation for your injuries and other losses.

One thing that is very important to remember is to notify those who may be responsible for your injuries of your intent to file a personal injury claim. The notice is important because the responsible party may not always be aware that an injury that they may be responsible for even occurred.

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Pharmaceutical Drug Defective Product Claims: Who to Sue

Because there is a large chain of distribution for pharmaceutical drugs on the market today, there are many hands that may be held responsible when a defective products claim is brought. (See the types of pharmaceutical drug defective product claims typically made) That chain of distribution begins at the laboratory or manufacturing facility and ends with the consumer. Understanding who is involved in the process is important when bringing a pharmaceutical drug defective products claim:

The Manufacturer: Often large firms, pharmaceutical manufacturers are often the first subjects of a defective products claim. They are typically primarily responsible for the product’s makeup and presence on the market. It is important to recognize also that these firms often have deep pockets and can retain teams of lawyers to defend against defective products claims.

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Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

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Skiing and snowboarding are popular hobbies across the world. Unfortunately, both activities come with their own inherent risks. As such, many people assume there is little or no cause of action when someone is injured in a ski or snowboarding accident. The fact is, under the legal theory of negligence, many common ski and snowboard accidents fall squarely under the heading of personal injury liability.

Injuries sustained in skiing and snowboarding accidents can run the gamut, ranging from minor bumps and bruises to fractured bones, brain injuries, or even critical harm and death. (A recent CDC study found an increase in traumatic brain and spinal cord injury resulting from skiing and snowboarding accidents nationwide, and children and adolescents were found to be those most affected.)

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