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Medical Malpractice and Early Discharge Complications

When a patient is discharged early from a hospital, it can often have devastating repercussions. Hospitals have, at times, been known to discharge patients before they are medically stable enough to go home to finish their recuperation. This occurs for many reasons from overcrowding to a shortfall in capacity to manage surgical volume. The fact is, however, when a patient is discharged and then shortly thereafter re-admitted, it may by definition be a case of medical malpractice if that readmission was due to complications resulting from the early discharge.

Of course, in order to prove medical malpractice the early discharge must fall below the medical standard of care. (Would a competent physician in the same circumstance have demonstrated the same action or inaction?) In addition, a malpractice claim must also demonstrate that the patient suffered harm as a result of the action or inaction (in this case the early discharge). Further, the claimant should consider these questions:

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Medical Malpractice: Hospital Liability

If you are a patient in a hospital and suffer injury in the course of your treatment, your first inclination may be to go after the hospital for medical malpractice damages. However, few people are aware of the complex set of rules and regulations that govern liability in these cases.

First of all, not every injury suffered in medical treatment constitutes malpractice. Of course, if neglect or incompetence is at the root of your injury, there is a strong likelihood that you may have a case of medical malpractice. But when the treatment of an injury occurs in a hospital setting, the hospital is not necessarily at fault in the eyes of the law.

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Proving Medical Malpractice

Every single day there are patients across the nation seeking effective medical care that are injured or killed as a result of preventable medical mistakes. Medical malpractice comes into play when it can be demonstrated that a patient is harmed by a healthcare provider, through his or her acts or omissions that falls below the acceptable standard of care.

A skilled and experienced medical malpractice attorney is best able to navigate the procedural roadmap to proving and winning medical malpractice damages in

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