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Workers’ Compensation: Eligibility

Workers' compensation is an insurance program mandated by the state to provide compensation to employers who suffer in jury as a result of work. This no-fault system (providing benefits without proving liability) pays eligible workers for medical coats and lost wages. As a result, the employee cannot sue the employer. (There are a few exceptions to this rule.)

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Workers’ Compensation: Self Injury on the Job

State workers' compensation systems are in place to ensure benefits for employees that have been injured on the job or "in the course of employment." And filing a claim can be difficult to navigate due to the vast number of ways employees can be injured in the workplace.

Many times we think of the common worker's compensation claim as resulting from a slip and fall or machine operation accident on the job, but the truth is that there are many instances where workers' compensation claims arise from self-injury.

Individuals who injure themselves on the job quite often find themselves eligible for workers' compensation benefits. And that is because by and large, from the employee's standpoint, the worker's comp system is a no-fault system.  Employees who are partially at fault, whether due to neglect or impairment have found claims granted nationwide.

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Construction Accidents: Beyond Workers’ Compensation

Construction liability is an issue typically seen by most as coming squarely under the heading of worker's compensation. Because construction site accidents are indeed workplace injuries, worker's compensation rules do typically apply. However, because construction site injuries involve a myriad of factors, including dangerous, heavy machinery and chemicals, and a variety of circumstances that each require meticulous safety checks and balances, when a construction accident does occur, it is entirely possible that it is due to negligence on the part of a third party. If it can be demonstrated that that is the case, the victim may very well have a claim that goes well beyond a standard workers' compensation award.

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Workers’ Compensation Issues

Many people believe that all workplace injuries fall under the strict purview of workman’s compensation law. The fact is there are many situations that allow an employee to recover damages

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