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Product Liability: Who Can Sue?


In most defective products cases, the individual that brings the claim is the consumer that purchased and used the product. Yet many do not realize that you don't actually have to be the buyer of the defective product to sue for damages from a defective products claim.

Recovering damages for injury in these cases is not necessarily a legal right exclusive to the consumer that buys the product in question. For instance, if you purchase a travel iron and, while on vacation, a travel companion borrows the iron, which then causes a small fire due to frayed wiring consistent with all models from that specific brand, and that companion suffers burns as a result, the companion can recover damages from the manufacturer, retailer, distributor and any other entities involved in the chain of distribution for that product.

Furthermore, you don't even have to be the product's user in a defective product's case to bring a claim for damages. Anyone that is injured as a result of a product defect can bring a claim against appropriate parties for damages in these cases. For example, if a pick-up truck is carrying a load on a busy highway, and the defective lock on the truck's rear hatch opens, spilling that load onto the highway, any drivers injured as a result may bring a defective product's claim against all parties involved in the chain of distribution of the truck that caused the accident.

Likewise, if a neighbor is driving a snowmobile and because of a design defect, the vehicle does not decelerate when the driver attempts to slow down, resulting in a collision that causes injury to you, you may have a defective products claim against all parties involved in the chain of distribution for that snowmobile.

Essentially, when considering a defective product case, you simply have to have been injured as a result of a product defect, or product design defect or failure on the part of the manufacturer to warn of a product's danger to file a claim against the manufacturer and the compliment of entities that are responsible for getting that product in the consumer's hands.

When injured as a result of a dangerous product, whether you're the consumer, the user or an innocent bystander, it's always important to consult an experienced personal injury attorney when considering a defective products case. There are a myriad of considerations that must be taken when filing a claim and, of course, identifying all of the parties that may be liable in your case is essential to winning the full amount of damages you may be eligible to receive.

If you have any questions about a defective products personal injury claim, call the experienced attorneys of Panio Law Offices at (708) 928-8680. We have experience winning large awards for our clients and can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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