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What To Do If You Suffer a Dog Bite Attack
What To Do If You Suffer a Dog Bite Attack

In many cases, when a dog bite attack occurs, the dog's owner is likely held responsible. But it is not always the case. It is always important to get the circumstances of the incident documented to establish the facts of the case. Establishing the facts surrounding the ...

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    In every state there are laws governing the length of time a claimant has to file a personal injury case. The “Statute of Limitations,” as it is ...

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    When people are injured on the job, it doesn't always immediately occur to them at the time the variety of individuals that could be held liable. The ...

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  • Your Rights When Injured on the Job

    Every day people are injured on the job. And few often know their legal rights when that happens. In addition to the right to file a workers ...

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  • Medical Standard of Care

    When patients suffer further injury in a hospital or medical facility setting the typical response is to assume medical malpractice. However, there ...

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  • No-Doubt Liability in Auto Accident Cases

    In certain car accident cases, some drivers are considered at-fault 99% of the time. These cases are often called "no doubt" liability cases. Two such ...

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  • Who is Liable in Emergency Situations if Something Goes Wrong?

    Medical malpractice is never really a cut and dry legal matter. As discussed earlier on this blog, a variety of factors must co-exist for valid ...

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  • Prescription Drugs and Medical Malpractice

    When a patient is the victim of medical malpractice that involves the prescription of drugs, malpractice is not necessarily the only legal basis by ...

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  • Duty of Care and Personal Injury

    Negligence is a basis for many successful personal injury claims and when negligence is proven, what the defendant did or didn't do to constitute it ...

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  • Damages An Insurer Must Pay in Accident Cases

    In car accident cases, insurers are responsible for covering a wide assortment of damages for which their client is liable. When a person is injured ...

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