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Hold Companies Accountable for Dangerous and Defective Products

When we purchase a product, be it a waffle iron or a child’s toy, we assume that product has gone through rigorous quality control and is safe to use. However, many people are injured every year as a result of defective or dangerous products. When a company fails to test their products thoroughly or to warn customers of potential dangers, they can be held legally liable for the damage and injuries caused.

An experienced product liability lawyer like the one at Panio Law Offices in Chicago and Homewood can help you hold these manufacturers responsible.

If you have been injured by a product and would like to seek compensation for your injuries, call our product liability lawyer at (708) 928-8680 or contact us online.

Can You Sue a Company for a Bad Product?

The first thing to note is that there is a difference between a poor-functioning product and a potentially harmful product. All products have the potential to break, wear out quickly or deliver less than expected.

However, harmful products are an outright liability that a purchaser does not deserve to deal with. If you believe that you have received a harmfully defective product, you may want to seek legal action with the help of our firm!

Types of Product Liability Cases

When dealing with a defective product, your attorney will first need to determine who is at fault for your injury and who to file the suit against. While they may seem straightforward, these cases rarely are. Identifying if the seller, manufacturer or another party is at fault can be a challenge. Furthermore, with so many products and parts being made overseas, your case may involve filing a suit against several different parties.

Typical examples of product liability categories include:

  • Cars and other motor vehicles, such as motorcycles
  • Recreational vehicles, such as RVs and trailers
  • Motor vehicle accessories, such as car seats or seat belts
  • Household appliances, such as washing machines and toasters
  • Clothing and other apparel
  • Food, alcohol, and tobacco products
  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Tools and other machinery, including commercial machinery
  • Toys and other children’s products
  • Medical devices
  • Medicine and drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter

In addition to identifying who is liable for the injuries you or your loved one sustained, your attorney will also need to establish that the product was being used in the way in which the manufacturer or seller intended and that it had not changed considerably from its original condition at the time of sale.

Furthermore, your lawyer will need to demonstrate that the injury came about as a result of a defect in the product’s design and/or as a result of damage done during manufacturing or shipping.

We Know How These Cases are Handled in Illinois

With a proven track record of success, Panio Law Offices is prepared to help you seek compensation for injuries sustained as a result of a damaged or defective product. In addition to answering any questions you may have, our product liability attorney can help guide you throughout the legal process. We believe everyone deserves top-quality legal representation and we work hard to bring our clients personalized counsel that puts their interests first.

When you hire us, you will work directly with your attorney, and we will always treat you and your case with care and attention. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, who will make you a priority, call Panio Law Offices.

For a confidential, free product liability case evaluation, call our personal injury law firm at (708) 928-8680 or contact us online.

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