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It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure workplace safety and security. However, accidents still happen. In the state of Illinois, workers’ compensation laws such as the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act protect employees in the event that they suffer injury on the job.

Panio Law Offices understands that these laws require your employer to provide you with necessary medical care throughout your recovery, which is why your employer must have workers’ compensation insurance. Despite these laws, insurance companies are notorious for trying to get away without covering your full expenses.

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How to File a Workers Comp Claim in Illinois

What many people don’t realize about workers’ compensation claims is that you will be seeking compensation from your employer’s insurance company, and not your employer directly. This makes matters complicated and knowing how to proceed can seem nebulous and confusing. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you throughout this process and will be able to fight aggressively for your rights.

Another misunderstanding about workers’ compensation arises from people mistakenly thinking that they don’t qualify for workers’ compensation even when their injuries are work-related. For example, some people believe that because they work in an office, they don’t have workers’ compensation benefits, so they cannot seek the compensation they are entitled to.

Workers’ compensation can be sought in a variety of situations and a variety of industries, including:

  • Agricultural industry injuries
  • Airline worker injuries
  • Construction worker injuries
  • Factory worker injuries
  • Food service industry injuries
  • Office worker injuries
  • Railroad worker injuries
  • Retail worker injuries
  • Shipping and trucking worker injuries
  • Warehouse worker injuries

It is important that you seek workers’ compensation benefits when you are injured on the job. In addition to your immediate treatment expenses, workers’ compensation can also help you cover some of the more hidden costs of an injury, including lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, long-term care costs, permanent disability costs, and more.

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At Panio Law Offices, we know how stressful it is to deal with a workplace injury. Our workers’ comp lawyer has experience negotiating with insurance companies to help clients focus on what’s important – getting better and moving on with your life. With two conveniently located offices in Chicago and Homewood, we are able to provide our clients with the personalized legal representation they need to feel confident.

As a firm, we believe in building quality relationships with our clients, and when you select us to represent you, you will always work directly with your attorney. In 2018, we were named one of Attorney and Practice Magazine’s Top 10 Personal Injury Attorneys.

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