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Dog Bite Damages


When someone suffers a dog bite, the owner may bear the responsibility of covering the damages for that act and the cost can be hefty. A person injured by a dog attack can be entitled to medical damages, loss of income, and in some cases, pain and suffering and damage to property.

And in some cases where the owner's actions were particularly egregious, punitive damages may be applied.

Medical expenses are the most common damages an injured party can expect to receive as a result of a dog bite. These may range from simple visits with your physician to plastic surgery, hospital services, medication and even therapy. And because the law basically mandates that a person is responsible for any injuries that flow from their actions, pre-existing conditions that are aggravated by dog bite attacks are fair game also.

Loss of income is not an uncommon expense a dog-owner may suffer in these kinds of attacks also because people often must take time off from work for medical treatment or recovery. And if the interruption of work that results impacts the individual's ability to work in the future, loss of earning capacity may very well become the responsibility of the dog owner as well.

While pain and suffering are not as easily quantifiable, they are factors in these cases, and damages may ensue.

And should the dog in question have a record of being dangerous or the owner's behavior particularly outrageous, double damages may be awarded.

Anyone who finds themselves the victim of a dog attack should try to obtain the name(s) of the individual responsible for handling the dog and at least one witness, if possible; seek immediate medical attention; and consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer. In many cases, negotiation, documentation of injuries and treatment and past history of the animal in question are crucial to obtaining all possible damages to which you are entitled.

The lawyers at Panio Law Offices have a wealth of expertise in persona injury cases and understand the burden of evidence you must bear in order to win compensation in Illinois for your injuries. And we are always able to come to your location to discuss your case.

If you have questions about a dog bite case or wish to file a personal injury claim, call (708) 928-8680. We can help.

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