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How Cold Weather Can Impact Your Vehicle

frozen car with icicles on sideview mirror

Winters can be harsh and unrelenting in Chicago. Extremely cold temperatures can make us feel slow and sluggish, but did you know that they can also impact your vehicle?

Cold weather can be wreak havoc on your car, especially when temperatures dip into the single digits or negatives. Not only can this cause internal and external damage to your vehicle, but it can also increase your odds of sustaining injuries in a serious auto accident.

To help prevent this, here are some things to look out for during the winter season.


Air contracts when exposed to extremely cold temperatures, decreasing the amount of pressure in your tires. Low tire pressure can result in poor traction and even tire failure. What’s more, freezing temperatures can harden the rubber on the outside of tires, diminishing their ability to grip the road as you drive. This can lead to devastating accidents, especially when driving on wet or icy roads.


Your vehicle uses certain fluids to lubricate and protect its engine and ensure that everything is functioning as it should. While most of these fluids contain additives that help prevent them from freezing, cold temperatures can still thicken your oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, and radiator fluid.

This can cause them to move less freely throughout the engine to prevent damage. It’s recommended that you wait a few minutes to let your engine warm up before hitting the road in freezing temperatures.


In extremely low temperatures, car batteries have to work harder to start. It’s not uncommon for these parts to die during winter months. Older batteries are even more susceptible to failure, as they may already have diminished function and difficulty retaining a charge.

Try to be proactive and have your car battery checked out by a mechanic sooner rather than later. If your battery is more than three years old, your mechanic can tell you if it should be replaced.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s essential to maintain your vehicle, regularly check fluids and parts, and drive extra cautiously on the road during winter months. Failing to do so could result in serious collisions and injuries for everyone on the road.

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