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What Can I Recover in a Personal Injury Claim?

Damages awarded in a personal injury case can seek to remedy a variety of issues that result from an accident. Below are a few descriptions of many of the variety of damages (compensatory and punitive) for which a plaintiff may be eligible in a personal injury case.

In nearly every personal injury case a plaintiff will seek medical damages. Medical damages are meant to compensate the plaintiff for any medical treatment they have received as a result of the accident as well as an estimate of any future medical treatment to address those injuries or even future injuries that may stem from those injuries.

Lost Wages/Salary:
Lost wages are another way courts seek to make a plaintiff whole in the aftermath of an accident. Plaintiffs are often awarded damages to cover wages already lost as a result of the accident and any loss to future earning capacity as a result of injuries.

Property Damage:
Property damage or loss is another award plaintiffs may seek in a personal injury law suit. These damages are meant to replace damaged property at fair market value.

Pain and Suffering:
Damages are also awarded to address pain and suffering when there is serious discomfort as a result of the accident. Plaintiffs are also awarded damages to cover ongoing pain and suffering the plaintiff suffers as a result.

Emotional Distress:
Emotional distress may be another cause for damage awards as here the court seeks to compensate the plaintiff for the psychological impact of their injuries. These include fear and anxiety and loss of sleep directly attributed to the accident I question.

Loss of A Normal Life/Disability
Damages for loss of enjoyment may be sought when the plaintiff's injuries, disability or pain and suffering prevent them from participating in hobbies or activities they were known to enjoy.

Loss of Consortium:
Loss of "consortium" damages may be awarded (sometimes to the plaintiff's spouse) when a plaintiff's injuries have impacted their relationship with their spouse causing a loss of intimacy and/or companionship.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of awards one can seek when pursuing damages in a personal injury lawsuit. If you have questions about a personal injury case, call the attorneys at Panio Law Offices at (708) 928-8680. We offer a wealth of expertise in Illinois personal injury law. If you need help filing a claim, we can help.