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Why it's Important to Have Attorney Representation in Car Accident Cases


When someone is the victim of a car accident, it's often a very scary and confusing time. Nerves are often frayed and if injuries are sustained, negotiating with an insurer and proving liability is the last thing you really want to focus on.

An early offer from the at-fault driver's insurance carrier may seem quite tempting, but are you really in a position to know the severity of your injuries and understand the scope of the kind of medical treatment you may need long term? Does your settlement offer factor in lost wages, lost future income, and other losses that are intangible such as permanency of injury?

There are many reasons why it's important to discuss your claim with an experienced personal injury attorney before agreeing to any type of settlement.

Having attorney representation in these kinds of cases can offer important benefits in the following ways that, in the end, may prove invaluable to your health and financial stability following a car accident:

An experienced attorney is able to negotiate higher compensation for your injuries and losses in car accident cases. Serving as your advocate, an experienced personal injury attorney handles all of the legwork including the tedious preliminary investigation, preparing your legal case, filing your claim in the appropriate jurisdiction, handling the drawn-out negotiation process, and ultimately trying your case before a jury if necessary. One of the most important benefits you gain in having an attorney represent you in these kinds of cases is that an attorney offers substantial potency in dealing with opposing attorneys and teams of large insurance firms.

The attorneys of Panio Law Offices have a wealth of experience in personal injury law and negotiating car accident claims. We have a solid history of winning the highest awards for which our clients are eligible, and we understand the complexities of filing a strong personal injury claim.

If you are the victim of a car accident and have questions about filing a personal injury claim, call us at (708) 928-8680. We can help.

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