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Damages An Insurer Must Pay in Accident Cases


In car accident cases, insurers are responsible for covering a wide assortment of damages for which their client is liable. When a person is injured due to neglect, those damages can add up quickly. Among the list of damages insurers are often responsible for are: medical care and related treatment expenses; lost income resulting from the accident or time spent recuperating; any permanent physical disability or disfigurement; loss of social, consortium, missed school, training, vacation and special events; emotional damages (stress, depression, strains on relationships); and damage to property.

As you can see, many of these kinds of damages can mount to a significant award. But insurers are often compelled to limit those damages. Despite the requirement to cover the array of damages for which their client is responsible, insurers take great pains to pay as little as possible. That's all the more reason it's important to be represented by a practiced personal injury attorney who can negotiate on your behalf.

Often insurers will present an injured party with a swift offer to settle their claim. When you do accept that settlement you are asked to sign a release relinquishing your right to recover future damages in that case. That can be a bad decision for many reasons. Damages from a car accident, in particular, don't always manifest themselves at the outset.

If, for instance, you suffer a hyper extension or a soft-tissue injury during a car accident, you settle for an amount which adequately covers your seemingly minor injuries at the time, and then suffer debilitating neck pain months later that is traced back to the injury, you will be on the hook for medical treatment, lost wages and any resulting setbacks.

You have cut short your possible damages for a swift settlement that benefits only the insurer and now you have to deal with the aftermath of the real challenges your injuries present by yourself.

Negotiating settlements is something the attorneys at Panio Law Offices have a wealth of experience with, often recovering the highest damages possible for our clients. We understand the scope of the kind of damages to which you may be entitled. We are expert litigators and have a wealth of experience negotiating settlements with insurers.

Don't let your opportunity to recover the full spectrum of damages you may be able to receive be cut short due to a quick settlement offer.

If you need an attorney to represent you in a car accident claim or any injury case, call the experienced injury lawyers of Panio Law Offices at (708) 928-8680. We can help.

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