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Driver Responsibility on the Roads


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What Is a Driver's Duty of Care?

In personal injury law, the legal term “negligence” ascribes a duty of care in many cases where one individual or entity is responsible for taking distinct measures to provide for the safety of others (either in their care or under their purview). In the case of drivers on the road, there is a duty of care to other drivers and pedestrians they encounter.

But what elements of care must a driver include to protect others on the road? This blog post will discuss the various duties a driver has when engaging with other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

The law appoints drivers a responsibility to take reasonable care to avoid causing harm to anyone they encounter on the roadways. If the driver neglects this responsibility, he or she can be found liable for injuries or damages that may result.

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Drive At Reasonable Speeds

Drivers are required to drive at a reasonable rate of speed on the roads. What is a reasonable speed? Well, that can be a moving target.

A reasonable road speed for any driver is chiefly determined by:

  • Existing traffic levels
  • Road conditions
  • Visibility
  • And weather conditions at the time

After all, what is considered a reasonable speed on a busy two-lane highway would most certainly be different from what is considered reasonable for a residential street in a school district during rush hour.

Stay Alert

An alert approach to the roads is the responsibility of any driver.

Maintaining a careful awareness of:

  • Other vehicles
  • Pedestrians
  • And road hazards is a vital part of a driver's duty of care on the roads

A failure to maintain that awareness is considered negligence.

Maintaining Control of the Vehicle

Drivers must keep their vehicles under control at all times on the roads. Being able to stop quickly, for instance, is a necessity in traffic situations.

Not doing so can lead to:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • And liability for the driver in question

The Dangers of Driver Negligence

When drivers neglect their duty of care, it can become like a domino effect on the roadways. One sudden lapse of judgment can lead to multiple collisions in succession. It is important to understand that identifying responsible parties and bringing a strong claim in these cases can prove difficult without the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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