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Handling Insurance and Hospitals After a Car Accident

Handling Insurance and Hospitals After a Car Accident

If you’re ever involved in an Illinois car accident, you are probably going to have some medical expenses that you need to get covered. Even if you have health insurance, you may still have costly deductibles that you weren’t anticipating.

It’s important to remember that your actions and the steps you take during this time are crucial to ensuring you receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. Below are some tips for handling hospitals and insurance information after your accident.

Do Not Give the Hospital Any Auto Insurance Information

If the other driver was at fault for an accident, you would think that their auto insurance company would pay for all your immediate medical expenses. However, the reality is that insurers almost never agree to pay expenses immediately. Before they pay anything, they will want to run a detailed and time-consuming investigation to try to disprove that the person they insured is liable for the crash.

What happens if your medical bills need to get paid now, though? That’s where your health insurance comes in. This coverage is there to protect you and should be utilized when you need medical treatment. It also ensures your medical bills are paid for promptly so they don’t go to collections.

Make sure not to give the hospital any sort of auto insurance information. Unlike auto insurers, almost all health insurers pay medical bills at a rate far below what is shown on the bill. When the health insurer seeks payment after your case is settled, you will only need to pay them this discounted rate.

If you end up giving the hospital your auto insurance information or the other driver’s, your personal injury attorney loses the ability to negotiate the bills down themselves, meaning you could walk away with less money in your pocket.

Protecting Your Rights to Compensation

We understand that worrying about medical expenses after your accident can hinder your ability to truly recover. Panio Law Offices is dedicated to helping injury victims of Chicago pursue the compensation they deserve and need to heal. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Contact Panio Law Offices at (708) 928-8680 to schedule your free consultation!

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