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Common Types of Summer Premises Liability Cases

swimming pool

Summer is rapidly approaching and the heat will be here even sooner! That means that plenty of fun, outfdoor activities will be extremely popular for those in the Chicago area.

However, this also means there will be more likelihood of a potential disaster occurring while you or your family members are enjoying those activities. Accidents can happen anywhere, even while partaking in activities on others’ properties.

What Is Premises Liability?

Property owners are obligated to keep their premises safe for the visitors and they also have certain liabilities. All properties are required to be kept reasonably safe so that visitors can avoid suffering injuries, including those that can be serious and even fatal.

When the property is not kept at a reasonable level of safety and a person sustains an injury as a result, the property owner can be held liable due to their own negligence. In this situation, you can retain a personal injury attorney to determine whether you have a case of premises liabiltiy.

Common Types of Summer Premises Liability

Of course, accidents can happen on someone else’s property at any time of the year. However, certain types of premises liability cases tend to be more common during the summer months. They include the following:

• Swimming pools: Naturally, during the summer, far more people are visiting their local public swimming pool or visiting friends who have their own pools. Children who go to camp also frequent pools. This increases the risk of a slip and fall accident or even worse, drowning. There should be proper supervision at pools at all times, even if people know how to swim.

• Concerts: During the summer, there are more outdoor concerts. Crowds can get rowdy and people can suffer injuries as a result of many issues, including slip and fall accidents and improper maintenance of the venue.

• Animal bites: With warmer weather in the summer, more people are hanging out with their pets at many places. Owners who have animas, or who allow animals on their premises, can be held liable if a pet bites a visitor and causes injuries.

• Amusement parks or festivals: Many people visit amusements parks or festivals in the summer and enjoy the thrill of rides. Some rides do not operate as they should or may have a defect that can result in an accident and injuries. Slip and falls are also highly common at these events.

Know Your Options

If you have suffered an injury on someone else's premises during the summer, you need a good premises liability attorney to give you guidance. Contact Panio Law Offices to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney. A premises liability attorney can advise you about your options for recovering compensation.

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