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5 Ways Alcohol Impacts Drivers

5 Ways Alcohol Impacts Drivers

Driving is something that requires the simultaneous and fully-functioning use of your eyes, hands, and feet, all of which are controlled by your brain. Alcohol is a substance that can impact the brain, and therefore, everything that is needed to safely and effectively drive a vehicle.

Here are five ways that alcohol negatively impacts those behind the wheel. 


Even consuming small amounts of alcohol can affect someone’s ability to make decisions that they would completely sober. For those behind the wheel, it can impact a driver’s ability to think clearly, reason, plan ahead, and make decisions needed to ensure safety on the road.


Alcohol can make it hard for individuals to concentrate on multiple tasks at once, something that is necessary when behind the wheel. This means that drivers may have trouble keeping their vehicle position, keeping at a safe and consistent speed, and following road signs at one time. They can also become easily distracted and have short attention spans.


Drivers impaired by alcohol may have difficulty properly understanding and interpreting road signs. They may become confused very easily and be unable to comprehend if there is an emergency situation and act accordingly.


Have you ever seen someone under the influence holding one eye shut? This is because alcohol slows down eye muscle function, making it difficult for both eyes to focus together at one time. It can also hinder a driver's ability to use their peripherals and judge depth and distance.

Reaction Time

Situations are constantly changing on the road. Alcohol can slow down a driver’s reflexes, meaning that their ability to react in these changing conditions or even emergency situations is much slower. This can lead to more accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.

The bottom line is that drinking and driving do not go hand in hand. If you see someone consuming alcohol, do not let them get behind the wheel and endanger their lives and everyone else’s on the road.

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