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Proving Food Poisoning



According to an annual Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report, food-borne illness an average of 3.3 food-borne sickness cases occurs per 1 million in population in the US each year. Food contamination can be caused by a wide variety of practices. Those most common leading to food-bourne pathogens include:

  • Improper or poor sanitation of food preparation surfaces
  • Failing to wash hands before food preparation
  • Foreign objects in food and food products
  • Improper storage and/or handling of food
  • Contaminated soil or water
  • Coughing or sneezing near food or near food preparation surfaces
  • Contaminated or unclean utensils
  • Undercooked meats

Identifying contaminated food after a food poisoning incident can be terribly difficult. Isolated cases of food poisoning can be nearly impossible to trace. This is because contamination can occur during any part of the production process from harvest or “manufacture” to preparation.

Contamination may also be traced to the most granular element or ingredient of the food product. So anything from one of the main food products involved in the meal (like meat or poultry) to something as seemingly insignificant as a condiment or ingredient (like egg) can be the source of food contaminant.

Food Poisoning Liability

Because contamination can be caused during any point in the food manufacture and preparation process, anyone involved in the chain of distribution can be held liable for resulting injuries and damages in a food poisoning case.

That means food processing plants, farmers, suppliers, distributors and the manufacturer that prepared and sold the food can each be held responsible for food poisoning should contaminant be traced back to them. Likewise, shippers and restaurants can be held responsible when the source of food-borne illness can be traced back to them.

When many individuals have been injured by food-related illness, a class-action lawsuit can be filed. Victims then have the right to join the class-action suit at little to no cost.

Filing Food Poisoning Lawsuits

The challenges of proving what caused food-borne illness can prove quite difficult. Proving that that cause was linked to the negligence or wrongdoing of another individual or entity is often an uphill battle. The experienced products liability attorneys of Panio Law Offices in Chicago can work with victims to gather evidence, establish witnesses and experts, and recover the highest compensation awards to which victims are entitled.

Tracing food preparation inefficiencies, sourcing of illness and timing of outbreaks are all tasks our personal injury attorneys have a wealth of experience in achieving for our clients. We will work hard to protect your rights.

Of course, we never collect a fee unless we recover damages for you. Call us at (708) 928-8680 and speak to an attorney today. We can help.

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